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I think it is important for me to start out this blog being honest. I am a Christian, a firm believer that Jesus has saved me. I don’t hide it and I am not embaressed about it. So majority of my blog, and my posts are probably going to be related to how I am feeling about my relationship with him.

I have not always been a Christian, most people don’t realise that when they meet me. I come from a non-christian family. My parents are atheists. So this was not something that I was brainwashed into, or that I just did not know how life was without God. I made the choice myself which I think is really important to understanding me and my relationship with him.

It took a long time for me to come to this decision and to commit to this style of life. I had been attending church for 5 years and it only really hit me the importance of it last year. So really I have been saved for almost a year now :). I knew all the facts and the knowledge behind Christianity, I understood the concepts. What I had not understood was the need for my life to change, to act in a way that was pleasing to God. I got the facts, but I did not fully understand the message.

This is hard for me to admit to my Christian friends, as they have believed for so long that I was a Christian all this time. I went through the motions, I did all the “Christian” things such as getting confirmed, yet it did not mean anything. I was doing it for the approval of others not for the glory of God.

So this is what I am going to be working on this year, focusing on God. Focusing on God and not myself.

tumblrbot tumblrbot asked: WHAT IS YOUR EARLIEST HUMAN MEMORY?

my earliest memory is being on the beach near my grandmothers house with my sister, in our huge pink jackets. Walking along collecting bits of glass that had been worn down on the sides and pretending they were jewels.

new to this.

This is my first time ever having something anything like this. I guess I want to use it as a storage area, for my thoughts. Somewhere to place them all down. I am hoping it will help me consider my life, and consider what I am doing more carefully. By having an actual place to write it all down makes everything more realistic.

The first thing that I want to write is; I will soon be lonely.

All my closest friends are going travelling this year, whilst I start university. I am happy for them and know that they are having an amazing time. It does however leave me feeling a bit left behind.

The first of these friends leaves in just over a month. I do not know how I will cope without her here. The joke that is running about it is that I will put on weight :P. Instead of venting my problems to my friends I will have to eat to compensate. Hoping that this will not happen. 

So I think this tumblr is mainly going to be my way of getting through the next few months. Without them, and without the support network that I am used to relying on so heavily. 

Watched this in a lecture for primary education. Interesting what education has become.

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picnic :)

picnic :)

“Be who you are say how you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”

Dr Seuss
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